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Monogetti Interval Run

This is a speed work and endurance session I did this morning and I wanted to share it with you. It’s called a Monogetti run. I don’t know who Monogetti is but you’ll probably curse his or her name after you’re finished!

It’s basically intervals worked into the middle of your running or biking workout. You can change the intervals depending on the distance you’re running or particular race you’re training for. The intervals for this morning were geared towards speed work by X3 Endurance Coach, Robbie Bruce.

20 min warm up

(ON=fast Off=slow)

:30on :30off :30on :30off

:45on :45off :45on :45off

:60on :60off :60on :60off

:90on :90off :90on :90off

:60on :60off :60on :60off

:45on :45off :45on :45off

:30on :30off :30on :30off

Cool down till you’ve ran for 1 hour.

Here’s my results:

20 min warm up at 8:04 pace

(Times listed are pace/mile for ON sets)

Set 1: :30s 6:37 and 6:30

:45s 6:23 and 6:20

:60s 6:22 and 6:10

:90s 6:04 and 5:57

Set 2: :60s 6:22 and 6:02

:45s 5:51 and 5:54

:30s 5:29 and 4:32…yes 4:32!

15 min cool down to make 1hr run.

Overall I felt really strong for my first had running session in…well… I can’t remember.

If you have questions on training, give Robbie a shout on twitter at @X3ECoach

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Couch to Ironman in 25 Weeks

Alright, alright. The title might be a bit misleading. I fully realize that even in my “worst shape” I’m still better off than most. I’ve been on a hiatus from triathlon and anything fitness or nutrition related amidst some drastic career and life changes. To put things in perspective, the last triathlon I did was in Miami 2 years ago.

About a month ago I did my first 50k ultra marathon. I trained for 7 weeks and during that time I felt like my life was back in balance. I’m now training for Ironman Texas. It’s a hometown race for me and I’m excited to start training for it. My first glimpse of an Ironman race was in 2009 when I rode down to Ironman Florida with my buddy Charles Kaelin to sign up for the 2010 race. I even bought an Ironman wristband as a reminder to myself to not lose sight of my goal. It’s been 3 years since I first signed up and I never took it off my wrist. The 2010 race didn’t work out for me but Lord willing, 2013 will be my year to make that dream over 3 years ago come true.

Over the next 25 weeks I will be posting all of my workouts to Training Peaks, my Twitter and my Facebook . I’m being coached by Robbie Bruce at X3 Endurance. He’s built a solid team over the past year and secured partnerships with Trace Bikes, Max Muscle and Nashville Running Company.

And like my latest tweet says: “@NashvilleRyan: 25 weeks out from IMTX! Don’t bother asking me to go out on a Fri or Sat night because the answer is NO!”

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