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It’s Not About You

The basic principles of Social Media are centered around sharing content and building engaged online communities. How do you do that?

About twice a month I get lunch or dinner with Matt Bodnar, restauranteur and partner at Fresh Hospitality. We discuss all things Social Media and specifically how it affects the restaurant industry. He recently attended the 2012 National Restaurant Association Conference in Chicago where he participated on a panel, “Engage & Integrate: Social Media Tactics For Restaurants.” Read more: The idea of only using Twitter and Facebook as a means of self promotion won’t build a community. Think about your friendships. Are you friends with many people that are 100% ONLY about themselves? The same rules apply in the online world as well. One way to build an engaged online community is by recognizing others. Matt Bodnar was quoted on this basic rule of social media by saying, “If you promote other people who are in your niche or in your area on social media without asking for anything in return … you start forming relationships where people eventually start sharing your story.”

Case and point: Taziki’s in Green Hills is a Mediterranean style restaurant, offering very healthy and fresh food options. It’s the ideal place where people who are nutrition conscience will frequent. Taziki’s did an excellent job of displaying the twitter accounts of other local businesses that share a common interest with them – the customers health.

Taziki’s is a new location in the Green Hills area of Nashville, TN and creating a customer buzz long after your initial opening can be difficult if you only make it about yourself. When consumers try a new restaurant for the first time, there is still as sense of belonging and association that needs to be met.  Am I going to find healthy options? Am I dressed for the atmosphere? Will this fit in my diet and budget? By recognizing business that share a common interest with the Taziki’s brand, customers feel confident about their decision to dine with them. When you can create a situation where the customer feels a sense of belonging and confidence in their dining decision before they even get to the door, you’re doing something right.

So as you manage your Facebook and Twitter Pages, remember to recognize other businesses that contribute to your success- your online community will flourish because of it.

To follow some of the owners and partners of Fresh Hospitality and Taziki’s on Twitter: @MattBodnar @TheChaseGilbert @RealAndrewSohr

Facebook Integrates Another Revenue Source

This morning as I was updating a client’s Facebook Page, I noticed something different about the status box. Admin’s can now promote a Facebook post so that it extends its reach. Depending on your fan base, you pay an incremental price for the total number of fans your post will reach. On the heels of Facebook receiving scrutiny for their overvalued IPO, Brand Pages might see more opportunities to promote their posts by paying for the increased or guaranteed reach. Will it get to the point where unless you’re paying for your posts to be seen, fans won’t see the majority of the content generated by the Brand Pages they follow?


You’ll also notice that you can retroactively promote a Facebook post. It looks like you can only go back about a week before you no longer have that ability. As seen below, if you have missed your timeline to promote a post, you’ll see the words, “Promotion Unavailable.” The other change that Facebook made was the ability to see Analytics on each post you make without having to access the Facebook Insights Page. They even made this feature available on the new Facebook Pages App released 2 weeks ago.


What do you think about the new changes?

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Memorial Weekend

Let me just say that this was the longest weekend EVER! No, I’m not complaining at all. I really loved it! Here’s my recap! 

On Friday after I finished up with work for a few clients, I drove out to Edwin Warner Park with Cooper to play in the water for a few hours. When I first got Cooper, I was worried he wouldn’t be a water dog. My previous dog named Tex (that my dad stole from me) was a pure bred English Springer Spaniel. I knew he was a water dog but since Cooper is a rescue dog and his true identity is yet to be determined, I had some concerns. When I first got Cooper, I threw (more like gently nudged) him into the water at Fall Creek Falls State Park. He was 2 months old and I figured the little guy could handle it. He HATED it! Image

But now he’s all grown up and LOVES the water! He even swam for the first time! I threw the ball out to an area of the stream that was deep. His head went under the water and I thought, “Oh no, I’m going to drown my dog!” It felt longer than just a second but that’s really all it was. He grabbed the ball in his mouth and swam back to me. I was a proud pop!


On Saturday I got to spend some time with my brothers family at their house. This is Austin Carter. I’m teaching him how to Tweet! 


On Sunday I went to a wedding at the Schermerhorn Nashville Symphony Center. It was really beautiful. I’m typically not someone who will dance for any occasion. It’s not that I can’t dance. I just haven’t been taught! However, I did dance…quite a bit! It may have something to do with the open bar but I think I was in almost ALL of the wedding dance pictures! 


On Sunday I went to a massive pool party in Nashville. It was at this beautiful house and we had to park at a near by school and take a shuttle up to the house because there were so many people invited. It was an all you can eat and drink blow out and I took full advantage of it! 


All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. I typically need a vacation from my vacations but this one was played just right. I’m excited to have a short work week and get back to a steady rhythm! 

Hi, I’m….

Ryan Carter. I live in Nashville, TN, hence the blog name, NashvilleRyan. Most people call me, Carter. A few people call me, Ry. My mom says, Ryan Scott, a lot. Mainly because she doesn’t like my language at times.

I’m a Texas boy at heart. I grew up playing all kinds of sports and was always in trouble. I moved to Nashville in 2003 to play D1 Soccer at Lipscomb University. I majored in Accounting & Management. I no longer have ANYTHING to do with accounting. At least I got 1 out of the 2 degrees right!


Oh my family! My family is awesome! I have a younger brother and younger sister. My brother is married and just had his first son named, Austin, shown above with me after church one Sunday. I’ve always been afraid of babies. I mean, can you blame me? They break and you can’t return them! My younger sister is also married and she lives in Memphis with her husband. See a trend here? Yea, I’m the oldest and I’m happily single. My mother told me once that she was worried I’d never settle down because I fear commitment and relationships. I shut her up….


What doesn’t say commitment and relationship like buying a puppy?! Meet, Cooper. He’s 8 months old and is the love of my life. He’s also the most photogenic dog I’ve ever seen. We go on all sorts of adventures together. His favorite thing to do is hang his head out of my old pick up truck. Don’t be surprised if this blog is mostly about our adventures together. I’m seriously THAT guy who takes his dog everywhere with him. That’s ok.

When it comes to sports and adventure, I’ve seriously done it all. The more extreme the sport, the more I like it. My favorite thing to do is train for Ironman races. It’s the one thing that keeps me focused and balanced (although most people won’t find a triathlete to be balanced since ALL they do is train and talk about nutrition!). I reckon I’ll post quite a bit about my training and adventures here.


Opposite of sports and outdoors, I love connecting people. It’s probably the one thing that I do best. After many, many, MANY years of career endeavors that never felt right, I feel like I’m in a good position now. ****Side note: I’ve had some pretty stellar career moves. My job resume looks like I have a.d.d. I wouldn’t have it any other….oh a shiny object!***** I am the owner of Parachute Media. I do social media marketing, online branding and consulting with several companies in Nashville. I work from home or from coffee shops. I get to take my dog everywhere with me and as long as I have my iPhone, I can run my business. The freedom to travel where ever I want while getting paid seems like a dream come true. I’ve been knocked on my ass a lot and this is what getting up and working hard looks like. With that said, I’ll probably post about business ventures and to what impact social media has in our everyday lives.

Everyone have an awesome Memorial Weekend!

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